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ice2impulse testimonials

Thanks to Romain, Megeve and the Palais Megeve Arena for creating an amazing work space for the skaters and the coaches as well. Shout out to the parents too
Dear Romain! Thank you for everything! I had a wonderful time in Andorra!
It’s a wrap 💥 can’t be more grateful for the great experience I had. New skaters, families, colleagues, locations 🤩 it was a loooot of skating, tricks, exercises, “educatives”, some falls, some new jumps a lot of fun and passion on the ice of Megeve 🇫🇷 and Andorra 🇦🇩 thanks 🙏 to Romain Gazave for the organization and the energy to make all happening 🤩 thanks to all my dear colleagues Ilia Kulik, Stanick Jeannette, Valentina Rudchenko, Leslie Stewart, and to Palau de Gel and Le Palais Megève 🧊
Stay tuned for the next season 🔜 😎 💣
Thank you “Ice2impulse” for an awesome camp in beautiful Megeve 🇫🇷😍⛸⛸⛸⛸⛸🔥🌟💥 I had super great time with all of you🤗

A belated thank you to ice2impulse camp for having me in Megève! So much fun coaching and choreographing ⛸ and looking forward to seeing everyone again in Andorra for the next ice2impulse camp!

I want to say a huge thank you to the whole team of coaches for these wonderful weeks of training camps in France (Megeve) and Andorra (Canillo).
Both countries had excellent conditions for living, food and recreation, and most importantly, comfortable and multifunctional sports complexes in which it was very pleasant to work. A convenient schedule with five working days and two days off and taking care of us, the coaches, helped us to concentrate and fruitfully work at these camps.
Thank you Romain for organizing these camps, for your help and appreciation of my work!
Thanks to all the athletes for your dedication, faith in the coaches and attention in general.
I will miss you very much and hope to join the training camps next season.
Stay in touch and good luck!

A new week full of experience comes to an end 😊 A short week of 3 days but so intense. I was indeed lucky enough to be invited by Romain Gazave to his ice2impulse Camp ⛸
I would like to take this opportunity to thank him in passing 🙏🏻
These 3 days were punctuated by group skating skill classes with Tiffany ZAHORSKI and choreography with several athletes participating in the course.
This first camp experience as a coach filled me with happiness and only reinforced my future career choice once the one I am currently pursuing as an athlete is over 😀

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us. Hannah and Steffi really enjoyed the camp.
Anna and Daniel are excellent coaches. I thinkit’s clear that I am 100% happy with everything you did with hannah and Steffi. Keep in touch

The end of ice2impulse summer camp! 3 weeks of hard work with this dream team. Thanks everyone and especially Romain Gazave for my incredible summer! Miss you all already so badly! ❤️😢

Miss you 💙 ice2impulse 💙 These past three weeks has been amazing by your side! I feel so blessed to be able to work with such an inspiring group of people! Merci Romain Gazave pour cette opportunité 🙏🏻 Merci la vie ✨

Amazing experience at ice2impulse camp in andorra 😎
Thank you so much Romain Gazave for organising and inviting 💪🏼

Dear Romain,
I hope you’re recovering well. I wanted to let you know that the camp was an incredible experience and to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing team. Simply observing you as a coach was a privilege. It was a difficult year with a lot of challenges for you but you rose above them.
I will apply all the invaluable drills I’ve learned from the camp.
Once again, thank you wholeheartedly for everything. Take good care!

Thank you so much Romain for doing amazing work with TSK skaters: choreography, technic, skating skills ⛸ hope see you soon 🤗
Remember about Romain summer camp with his fantastic team of coaches 😉

Thank you for everything!!! The beautiful time flew away very quickly…😉🤗😚

Romain, we would like to reiterate our thanks for this week of training which was magnificent both for us and for Flavie. Flavie who was very moved when it was time to leave you 🥲
A very very big thank you for your advice, your investment, your humanity and your kindness.
We had never met a person bringing together all your qualities in Flavie’s skating journey until now.
Your internship has given Flavie hope, confidence and a smile on the ice and that is priceless.
THANK YOU see you soon and good continuation.

Thank you very much for everything! You managed to organize a very good internship despite the COVID.
From Coraline: Big thanks to Ice2Impulse Team. I participated 2 years in the training camp where I learned a lot, I improved my ice-skating skills and I had a lot of fun. I’m waiting with impatience for the next year!

Nila had a fantastic experience.
This camp has made a noticeable difference in her skating skills since she has returned to the states; she is most definitely skating faster and now completing the rotation of the double axel as a result.
Please save a spot for her when you are planning your next camp as she will definitely attend.
Thank you again,

Dear Romain,
Thank you for a great camp with fantastic coaches! Nora and Elias are very satisfied with the camp and we notice that they have grown both as skaters and on a personal level.
We look forward to next year, hopefully without corona.
Thank you for a fantastic camp!
Just a few words to thank you and all your team.
We have been speaking to Valentine on the phone daily and it has been a very long time that we haven’t felt her being this happy and satisfied.
Thank you really, as I hope now she will finally  start to have more self-confidence and will be able to rebuild herself.
I’m sending you lots of huges because to hear both our daughters this happy is a wonderful gift

Thank you very much for organizing this brilliant experience for us!
This Megeve camp had a positive friendly vibe, exceptional coaches team where to get inspiration and learn the highest class technic, and a well-planned training schedule. The small French Megeve town has a fantastic atmosphere and our Half Board Novotel hotel was located just a step away from the ice rink – it is a huge advantage to make this summer camp a great success.
Each student progressed as much as he put work into the training!
Your personal input made this camp so highly valued. Keep it going! My daughter is happy, so I am! Thank you!
Kind regards

Hello Romain,

We would like to thank you and the whole team for this very high quality camp accompanied by exceptional coaches. My daughter had an excellent sporting, dynamic and rich internship in human relations with other skaters from different countries. We appreciated your availability, your seriousness and the flawless organization. Everything was successful.
Megève is a very beautiful place and the value for money of the Novotel was perfect.
Also, a big thank you for giving the children little souvenirs. Hermance was very happy.
On this occasion we say congratulations for your talents as a composer and musician.
Best memories. Wonderful gift.

Hello Romain,
Thank you very much for the great organization and the quick answers to all our questions.
Elena felt very good in this week, she learned a lot and enjoyed the work with Anna and Celia on her choreography. I think we will return next year!
The journey to Andorra was long for us, but it was worth it.
Thank you, the very best for you and your team.
I personally wanted to thank you very much for this great experience.
Anais managed to overcome her doubts and fears. She is more than ever motivated to return to her favorite sport.
Thank you also for your warm welcome and your availability.
We were sensitive to your sense of listening and your kindness.
We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon for other experiences and we will not fail to send you news from Anais and who knows.. from her future podiums 🤣
And if you pass by us, do not hesitate to contact us, we will have the great pleasure of welcoming you.
All the best ,
Best regards.
Florence & Bertrand CHABANOL (FRANCE)
Good morning, Romain.
We had such a fantastic time with your camp. I hope you have landed well after the massive work
Big hug
Dear Romain, Dear coaches,
I would like to thank you all for the 2 great weeks. Nena just arrived home and can’t stop talking about the camp.
Thanks a lot for all your patience, guidance and time.
Hope she can join you next year again!
Many thanks, Many greetings
Katrien mom of Nena BASTIANEN (BELGIUM)
Hello Romain,
Today is last day of camp ((( So sad(((
Thank you for this opportunity to train with the professionals. For Polina, this was the first and very valuable experience of full-time and daily training. She gained good experience and new skills. And I’m happy to support her in this.
Good luck, thank you for all
Many thanks for a fantastic camp. Perfect organisation, beautiful venue and fantastic coaches. Looking forward to next year. had a fantastic experience.
Thank you again for this camp in Andorra with all these people who taught with passion and patience in a positive and calm atmosphere.
Few days were enough to create links, to progress, even to reveal oneself.
May this project continue and make some more happy people 🙏🏼 Thanks to Geoffrey, Ekaterina, Tiffany, Alissa, Daniel, Bruno and you of course. 🙏🏼
Estelle & Debora ANCEL (BELGIUM)
Already miss this great time at ice2impulse camp. I had fun and I am happy that I met all of you and made new friends💫
Also thanks to all the coaches and especially to Romain Gazave!
I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity Mae has been given in attending your amazing camp this week. She has been taught so much in such a short time and will take a huge amount of experience back home in Aberdeen…Andorra has given Mae a taste of the excitement and seen what hard work and dedication can do in skating. The coaches have all been first class, welcoming, supportive and straight on the caseWe would also like to extend this thank you for arranging the hotel too. The ski plaza has been great, food amazing and the staff are so very helpful, not to mention so close to the rink!The hard work and effort from you all has been impeccable and outstanding. A total world class experience and we would be honoured if you would consider keeping us up to date with future camps you arrange. Kindest regards
Frances REID (U.K)

A huge thank you to the whole team. We were very happy to meet you and very impressed to see the progress of our little one. We discovered an even more passionate and fulfilled little girl thanks to all the kindness and the skills of the coaches. She leaves with even bigger dreams and an even more impressive desire to succeed.
An organization at the top and a team of thunder. Don’t change anything, we will be happy to see you again next year!!! Thank you for everything.

Maxence found these 15 days too short, he was so delighted !! He came back delighted, and very motivated !! It’s so nice to see him like that! Your internships are really at the top !! Thank you also for your organization, your professionalism and your availability !!
Hope to see you soon

Hello Romain,
Despite the draconian conditions relating to COVID-19, we would like to thank you for the quality of your internship, and wish you the best for the future.
The whole team is on top!

Dear Romain,
Thank you very much for the beautiful certificates, fantastic pictures and videos!
Looking already forward to the next camps and hopefully we see you also in Belgium if you come here.


Dear Romain,
Thank you very much for this wonderful camp!

Hi Romain
I hope everything is fine with you and that you can relax a little after a hard working summer. I guess not…
Tova loved every minute of your camp and she will come back next year for sure. I really enjoyed Andorra and i will go back sking when i have the time for work and figure skating, i also saw how hard Tova was working during this week and she should really have more weeks like that next summer.

Hello Romain,
Louis returned yesterday without any problem and went to the Le Mans ice rink where we now live! He is a fan of skating….and seems delighted with the camp!
Thank you for this perfect organization!
Best regards
Thank you for accepting Ruth on your camp. She was really happy to be able to participate, and Ruth feels that she has made a lot of progress. We are also very happy with all the work done and the good disposition of all the coaches.
Without a doubt, Ruth will want to participate in your internship again next year.

Hello Romain,
Here I am sending you this little note to tell you that we returned safely to Morocco, Lina has only been sleeping since then because she is exhausted, as you told me she gave everything but it was worth it, it was an excellent internship , Lina really appreciated and especially the special attention you gave her, all the coaches were fantastic and above all very competent, very good atmosphere too, in short everything that was needed to say that it is the best course that my daughter passed. Congratulations to you in particular and to the whole team. Thank you very much for all your valuable advice, your kindness and I can tell you now that we will be happy to come back.
Thanks again and see you very soon

Thank you ! Great course! Kahina is delighted and has stars in her eyes and especially a great pride to have had the chance to skate with great coaches! She talked about it all the way back and 6 hours is a long time 😅! What good memories and beautiful encounters during these courses! We are already looking forward to next year! See you soon
Thank you so much and all the coaches for once again a fantastic and very productive camp 🙏
Best wishes!
We reached the end of this amazing experience! Thank you for these incredible three weeks, I learnt so much and I enjoyed it a lot!! I hope to see everyone soon again❤️
Thank you to @ice2impulse for making this possible, and to all the coaches and ice mates, the stage was incredible💖
Thank you Romain!
It was a real pleasure to be part of the camp.